A Flying Club in CT - Based in KSNC

An equity based flying club in CT: CT Flyers, Inc. was formed to provide low cost flying opportunities for local pilots who are serious about their flying but also appreciate the benefits of membership in a club. 

Founded in 1993, the CT Flyers flying club is a well established, not-for-profit organization with two aircraft to meet a variety of flying missions.  Our goal is to provide the members with safe, economical and convenient recreational flight operations.  With on-line reservations, members can plan their next flight from any web accessible device.  With a target membership of 20-25 pilots, the membership is still small, yielding a high plane availability for significantly less than renting or individual ownership.

CT Flyers members are conscientious pilots from a variety of backgrounds:  small-business owners, engineers, dentists, executives, and retirees – but we all share a passion for aviation and treat the aircraft like we own them – because we DO! The club emphasizes safety, preventive maintenance, and respect for fellow members. 

Both planes are flown year-round - well over 150 hours – and maintenance and inspections are performed at Chester airport, minimizing down-time.   We have tenure as an organization and a solid operational safety record spanning almost 20 years.  

All members pay a refundable equity position to join the club, along with reasonable monthly dues to cover the fixed costs associated with both aircraft.  In return, each member "owns" a share of our 2 airplanes; a 1975 Cessna Skyhawk 172M, and a 1979 Piper Dakota.  Each plane is well maintained, current to IFR requirements, are easy to fly and each is well suited for different "missions". 

All members work on an honor system with regards to scheduling and utilization of the airplanes.  All members enjoy frequent access to either plane and many of us take an extended trip many times in a year, for several nights to far away or close destinations.  We are all careful to respect the rights of others when scheduling and the on-line system is a big help in keeping the schedule current and allowing last minute decisions.

With an annual picnic, Christmas party, post monthly meeting and cheers, various adhoc food flights and other meet ups, the club members are pretty active socially and keep each other connected and up to date with the latest news, info and flying tips.

Our planes are kept at scenic Chester Airport ( KSNC ),  http://www.airnav.com/airport/KSNC.


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